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The UNACED-Innovo Enterprise Challenge 2023

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of the University of Abuja-Nigeria (UNACED) is celebrating its 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this November starting from Thursday 9/11/23 and ending on Saturday 11/11/23. The GEW is being organized in collaboration with Innovo & Crescentia which is responsible for managing the UNACED-Innovo Enterprise Challenge 2023.

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Improve your business results with expert solutions and tools that you can put to use immediately. Delivered by expert trainers, you will receive a detailed reference guide, workbook, and digital tools to help you enhance your business success.

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Great Companies

Innovo & Crescentia runs a unique startup studio that helps Entrepreneurs scale and Businesses innovate. This is much more than funding, we provide the guidance, connections, and space you need to bring your ideas to the right market.

True Advice & Networking for High Growth Entrepreneurs
Our business Advisory and Coaching services help you increase your business profitability, cash flow, and personal wealth. Take back your life and build resilient layers of profit. We help Entrepreneurs build a strong, self-sustaining Businesses where employees are well paid and morale is high.



Our focus is on providing entrepreneurs with all the expertise and tools to create or grow a value centered business. Move from ideation all the way to implementation and growth.

Founders Group Connect

Our Peer Founders Connect can help you find support and achieve success in life. No matter the expertise required, a broad cross section of industries professionals await you.


Starting a new business can be sometimes incredibly difficult. At Innovo & Crescentia, you can walk this rope more steadily. We are agile, experienced and committed to Excellence, Integrity and Growth

Virtual Class Room

Want to excel in your profession but don’t have the time to join a training programme? Our virtual classroom can help you further your career and get better results.

Programme Curriculum

Our Courses will help further your career with areas such as communication, networking and management, entrepreneurship, and lots more. Take a training with Us today.

Coworking Space

Our co-working spaces create a community of people who work to make a life, not just a living. Find a desk in a prime location, and take your work and business to another level.

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Innovo & crescentia offers Profit Coaching programs designed for new dealers, more accomplished business owners, as well as the most advanced and profitable companies in the country.

At any stage, we can help you drive your business to new levels of profit and growth. To better help us assist you, please contact us today.

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